Last field trip for HSI. We went to the conservatory which is a greenhouse on the UW campus. It was interesting to see all of the different kinds of plants and we even saw a few praying mantises as well.

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HSI Reflection

I can’t believe that my HSI experience is almost over. To be totally honest I am very happy and excited to go home. This camp was one of the worst experiences I’ve had because we were treated like children from the phone policy to the buddy system. While at this camp I had a lot more negative things than positive things happen. Yes HSI wasn’t the best thing ever that people make it out to be but there were some positive things like making a few new friends and it looks good on a resume.

Although I disliked the camp I was surprised by liking my classes. When taking the media literacy class the goal was to learn more about media and I think I accomplished this. The thing I learned and will remember is that the media is everywhere and it affects everyone. I also took the modern agriculture class and learned a lot about plants. I also really liked my teachers and was happy that I got to go on so many different field trips.

Honestly, I don’t think that I have grown much from HSI. Yes it was an experience and I learned more about college and UW in general but did I grow as a person? Not really. I’m still the same person I was when I walked into this program the first day. If I could re-live HSI… I wouldn’t. I don’t think that this program helped me do much but waste a few weeks of my summer. Even though I didn’t have the best time and I wouldn’t come back I did learn something from this program. I actually learned and gained a few things when I look back at my experience. I gained friends from across Wyoming and I learned that HSI is NOT an accurate representation of what college is really like because you have a lot more freedom in college than you do with the program.

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Banning Books

The book “And Tango Makes Three” is a story about two guy penguins that fall in love and hatch an egg together. This book can both have two points a pro and anti-censorship. Some of the pro-censorship about this book is many people don’t want their kids to be exposed to these kinds of things and a young age. Both there are also anti-censorship points where one could argue that kids should be exposed at a young age so that they have different view points on those kinds of topics. I think that every book has a right to get banned or not get banned, it depends on the situation. The first amendment says that people have the right to have an opinion and voice that opinion but at the same time that opinion shouldn’t be able to have an affect on others. I have no personal connection to book banning other than having to read a few banned books for school. On the top ten list I have only read one of the books which is “To Kill a Mockingbird” and I only read it because it was an assignment for school. My general opinion on book banning would have to be in the middle. I am not for banning books but i’m not against it either, it would depend on the context and situation. In my opinion, with all of the technology and social media that people have access to today. No, people can’t really ban books anymore. No matter what you do to ban a book if its on the internet anyone can have access to it.

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Body Image

The media has created a “picture perfect” image of what women and men need to look like in society today. For women society says they need to be skinny, tall, and perfect skin, hair and makeup. For males society says that they should be bigger, stronger, and taller. They too also should have perfect hair and skin. This “picture perfect” body that society wants everyone to have is not realistic at all. The world is such a diverse place that they shouldn’t and can not expect everyone to look like this perfect person. If everyone actually had the perfect body then our society would be totally different and everyone would be the same, there would be no diversity among people. I think that not just my friends and I have been affected by media image but everyone at some point has. People can say that media images don’t affect them but in reality doesn’t everyone, maybe even a little, want to have the perfect body image that society portrays? Three things that the media can do to change the promotion of the ideal body would be to add diversity, get rid of the image they have now, and let others know that its okay to not look like everyone else. Three things that I can do personally to promote acceptance and appreciation of unique qualities in others would be be kind, let others know its okay to be different, and compliment others on their differences instead of being mean. Also be different myself and try not to get caught up in trying to have the “picture perfect” body that society wants everyone to have.

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Snowy Range

We went to the Snowy Range to take pictures and explore. Although I have been there a couple times before it was still a fun experience and was very pretty to see. It was difficult to walk around a few places because of the snow but the snow was what made it so beautiful. The Snowy Range was interesting to walk around and when I found a little house on a hill it was very interesting. Altogether the trip to the Snowy Range was great, I got a lot of different beautiful pictures.

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Next Step Reality

When watching a TV show or movie and looking at the different types, one of the ones I watch the most is medical drama. These types of shows are sweetened by only covering the extreme and interesting cases. Things like a person getting their arm cut off and getting it re-attached or something crazy. But in reality they don’t cover the cases that are a basic cold or ear infection because as a viewer we think that sort of thing is boring. When people watch medical drama on TV they are watching to see just how crazy cases can be for doctors and staff. Also they make it more dramatic by adding interesting things such as crazy family members of a patient or problems that happen between doctors. But in reality most doctors do their job and then have their own life. They don’t go around causing problems with others. Also yes there can be crazy family members but they are overly dramatic about the way they act. Overall medical dramas are made out to be overly dramatic and only cover the crazy things that usually don’t happen because they want the viewers to be interested and keep watching.

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Berry Biodiversity Center and Geological Museum

While walking through the Berry Biodiversity Center and Geological Museum I realized how different taking photos inside a building is. In the museum there was very poor lighting and I had to learn to move around more and try to take photos at different angles for the best shot. One thing that was difficult for me would be taking pictures of things on display that were behind glass because I kept getting the glare from surrounding things. But I learned that by moving around and changing the lighting I could get rid of the glare. Learning to take pictures inside where there was not a lot of natural light was hard but it showed me just how different and how much of an affect lighting has on the photos we take.

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